The first AI Pre-Accelerator available in Romania.

What is an AI Pre-Accelerator?

A program focused on early stage startups / ideas looking to infuse AI and taking them from concept to MVP.

Mission: Help validate/invalidate ideas towards bootstrap, and make seed investment/accelerator readiness for AI-fueled Startups.

Why an AI Pre-Accelerator by Bucharest AI?

AI-focused Pre-Accelerators help grow AI-startups ecosystems. As Bucharest AI’s mission is to contribute shape tomorrow through AI, opening the doors to its first AI Pre-Accelerator ‘BeAI Pre-Accelerator’ is a natural step forward.

AI technologies are shifting from Lab technologies to General purpose technologies. We aim to use AI, to build an entrepreneurial knowhow to impact the world for the better, in a longer period of time.

What does it do?

  • Match seasoned AI mentors with ideas and startups.
  • Educate from a-z on concepts, processes, experimentation, and discipline.
  • Guide on customer validation, product, marketing, development, pitch, AI regulations, founders mental strength and more.
  • Prepare Applicants to attract seed-investment or attention.
  • All within an AI context.


Anyone. Anywhere.

  • 16yrs+
  • Looking to disrupt old thinking
  • Aware that ideas are everywhere, execution makes the difference
  • Open to work on oneself as a prospective entrepreneur
  • Interested to further accelerate on proper accelerators or continue to bootstrap on its idea
  • Keen to get investment-ready (Pre-seed or Seed)

WHAT SHOULD YOU APPLY WITH? – Applications to open in August.


No problem! Ideas are everywhere, execution matters the most.

Are you ready to work on yourself and an idea we pick together? Join us.

We aim flexibility so don’t need to leave your job, worry about going to class or afraid of missing some other opportunity.


Let’s get you investment-ready or bootstrap-ready.

Be prepared to make use of your discipline and condensing information skills. Connect, capture mentors feedback and LEARN. At the end of the 3-months program your startup should be on a clearer path, validated and onwards to catch attention from the outside public and prospects.


  1. FILL IN INTEREST: NO IDEA; IDEA + NO TEAM; IDEA + TEAM – by early September 2020.
  2. SELECTION INTERVIEW – we check if there’s match coming both ways. – by mid September 2020.
  3. START PROGRAM – 10 teams, diverse backgrounds, high-school students, healthy mindset. – early October 2020.