BeAI 2020 – Europe’s AI Pre-Accelerator – Where are the 9 finalist startups right now?

Let’s check them out after 1 year of effort.

RepsMate (RO) – winner of the ‘Pre-Seed Investment Readiness’ award

Customers’ behavior analysis to improve development of skills through real customer interactions. Fit for call centers.

> Repsmate is the Romanian early-stage deep-tech startup, which won the Pre-seed Readiness Award consisting of EUR 50,000 pre-seed investment from Gapminder VC. The first version of the software has already been installed in a call center. In an interview for, the founders confirm gaining 10 customers estimated revenues. Hooray for initial traction!  And they’re going strong.

Emoface (FR) – selected finalist

Mobile apps that train social skills to people on the autistic spectrum by interacting with AI-driven emotional avatars.

> The first ​​application developed (with over 600 beta users in 5 countries) contains over 150 exercises, and all the content of 3D animations with expressive avatars, which reproduce facial expressions, is generated randomly, which prevents memorizing the answers in tests used, for example, to recognize emotions. They got their first physical office, their first pricing plans, and videos of users using their product and telling how useful it is for them and their children. Huu-ray! Go, Emoface. Journey is still on.

EVAAI (EE) – winner of the ‘Public’s Choice’ award

AI – powered digital therapy platform that aims to increase global access to mental health therapy through specialized AI therapists.

> EVAAI from Estonia is an online platform that allows mental health professionals to create AI assistants that can provide basic counseling and consultation to their clients. They offer as well a community for mental and medical health experts to join together for discussing ideas, tackling problems, networking, and conducting novel research. Their work progresses, they release new tools and assistants and their community is growing. Keep it up, EVAAI. You’ve got this!

ZoomReport (RO) – selected finalist

Location intelligence web platform with integrated data from public sources that helps users with little knowledge in data processing to gain insights on local social-demographics and economic environments.

ZoomReport continues their journey to map data from public sources, and actively contributes in visualizing it at local level. They have furthered their journey in an Accelerator and continue to serve their audiences. Kudos, ZoomReport!

Lienda (RU) – winner of the ‘Best Industry-Fit’ award

AI-enhanced software that helps quality experts to detect hidden errors and to control the production process when limited measurements are available.

Lienda maintains their best industry-fit status with clients like Bosch and more. The team is furthering their tech and keeping up with the needs in their market. Their team formula was under some changes, but it didn’t block their growth. Lienda finished the first project with chemical producers, and now are scaling to their other factories. At the same time, they are about to start the end-to-end project with a metal-producing company in Russia, and in parallel working on a solution for data analytics integrators. A pleasure to watch Lienda grow, and they well keep their ‘Industry-fit’ award standard. Well done, Lienda.

Factide – winner of the ‘Accelerator Readiness’ award

AI-platform that extracts knowledge from raw data across the dark and clear web.

> Factide, the Romanian business on the rise, was about to unlock a couple of local PoCs. However, the business stalled in the 2021 pandemic year, despite its promising rise. We’re still watching them closely and trust they will come back in this shape or a new idea.

Crowdlens – winner of the ‘Best Scale-Up’ and ‘Best AI Tech Use’ award

AI-powered analytics tool that monitors customers’ behavior through deep learning and helps managers enrich customer experience.

> The Romanian startup of young bright minds with a customer in their portfolio raised promising hopes for their use of AI models and use-cases. Building the solution with a client in the pipeline looked even better. The team has changed their format, but still managed to close a new client deal and other additional PoCs. They are still going strong, and keep developing. We say kudos for their force to adapt. Let’s watch them closely!

WIYO – selected finalist

AI-enhanced app that helps groups of people stay in touch in international environments.

> WIYO based their business on a physical connection and had difficulties turning the idea around for virtual setups, even though it indeed explored this path. The business is paused for times when international environments and physical connections will be more in trend. The idea is not abandoned, just paused for the moment.

Webcube – selected finalist, didn’t pitch

AI-powered app that allows users to quickly create or remake a website without starting it from scratch.

> Webcube started as a rising and promising research spin-off. IP aspects unveiled part of the program by our AI Legal Mentors, turned their ship around. We can’t wait to see the amazing and talented AI team that formed Webcube as they come back to the startup world.

Meanyng AI – selected finalist

Machine learning-driven platform that helps you make sense of existing conversations and data to understand the world, your customers and your competitors in minutes, not weeks.

> That’s how Meanyng AI started as part of the pre-accelerator, but that’s not how they wrapped up. They iterated and explored if making sense of medical or research papers would be best. They stopped at offering personalized financing and funding options based on business profiles and ideas. With the promise to get close to VCs, Banks, Accelerators, European Funds.Their beta tools got stuck. We salute their strength to stop when it doesn’t feel like good momentum. The fantastic team from Bucharest and London is an amazing group, and we can’t wait to watch their return to the startup world.

Let’s check out the 2021 batch of AI startups. Applications are now open by October 6. Apply with an idea, startup or AI team.