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Bucharest AI offered me a complimentary ticket to Google I/O. That event inspired me a lot. I do consider that taking a few days away from the office to participate in a conference is not at all a waste of time. The mindset I choose to go with is that I can win friends and learn from a variety of points of view, get new ideas and trends, all these impacting my future results. Really hats off to what the Bucharest AI community does for its community.

Valerica Plesu, Mobile Application Developer @Avira

What our Members say

I joined Bucharest AI events from their very first meetup, around three years ago. Ever since, I was a speaker at Bucharest AI events, continuous member, and now I joined them as a Program Manager for the first AI Pre-Accelerator.

Virgil Ilian, AI Research Scientist @NTT Data

I led an AI Policy & Ethics Series at Bucharest AI and found it very valuable and enjoyable. The room was full of passionate and enthusiastic people and the knowledge exchange was useful for everyone. Everything is pretty relaxed and the team is super friendly and smart. It's great to bring people of different backgrounds together to learn from each other. It's an extremely valuable community for discussing and learning about the latest trends in AI as well as for networking and professional opportunities.

Yolanda Lannquist, Head of Research & Advisory @The Future Society